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Our Sunrise

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Our Sunrise

Posted on Tue 13th Jun, 2006, 4:25pm

ISO: 100, Shutter speed: 30 Secs, Aperture: f/7.1,
Camera: Canon EOS 20D, Flash: None, Cropping: Minor,
Lens: Sigma 10-20mm F4-5.6 EX DC HSM, Focal length: 10mm,
Captured: 3rd June 2006, 3:27am,

Yet another picture from Whitby. This is Russ (nearest, far right) and someone else (sorry, I can't remember who and there's no detail in the hi-res due to motion blur).

I like the fact that one side of the picture has a darker sky with lighter railings and the other side has darker railings and a lighter sky.

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chris, Tue 13th Jun, 2006, 5:05pm
yeah nice feature and i like the detail in the wooden boards and the redness of the life ring

milou, Tue 13th Jun, 2006, 6:31pm
Great wood textures and the framing of the lifebelt leading from the central board is inspired. Is Russ moving very fast or just lagging? :p

SysAgent, Tue 13th Jun, 2006, 6:57pm
Fantastic shot Jamey. Probably my favourite of all your shots to date... I just love the level of detail and contrast on the planks, the whites of the pier, the red safety belt and the whole composition of it all. Terrific stuff.

jt, Tue 13th Jun, 2006, 9:22pm
Great shot. I noticed the light and dark deal when I first looked at it. Love the detail in the woor too.

Nickoli, Tue 13th Jun, 2006, 10:28pm
That will be down to the position of the sun that.

Jamey, Tue 13th Jun, 2006, 10:35pm
Actually, without wishing to blow my own trumpet, it's down to some levels work in Photoshops and a bit of hue/saturation adjusting :)

Mark, Wed 14th Jun, 2006, 10:55am
It's the angles I like Jamey, that makes it for me - especially the one in the forground separating the wooden boards from the concrete. I, of course, like the contrast and detail in the wood and the overall colour, the motion and all that but it's the angles...definitely the angles that give this image 'something else'. Nicely done :-)

Jon, Wed 14th Jun, 2006, 3:23pm
That might be me at the end. I remember you taking pics there as I walked past (just where Russ is). Nice shot, like it.

Jamey, Wed 14th Jun, 2006, 3:25pm
Yeah, I think it probably is, now you mention it.

Jonathan, Wed 14th Jun, 2006, 5:57pm
Great detail in the wooden beams, colouring throughout works a treat.

Drew, Sat 17th Jun, 2006, 11:44pm
This is really good. I love the angle.

Luisa, Thu 22nd Jun, 2006, 1:05am
It's a difficult photo to look at, but even though it's interesting.

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